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I like sexual pleasure so much,.......

I love it when people massage me. I get erotic. I sometimes pay someone to pleasure me. I even meet with people online for sexual pleasure. I place my hands on people unnoticeably for sexual pleasure. And worst of all my wife doesnt know it. How can I overcome this urge? How can I tell my wife I am so afraid she will get hurt and things will not work out. Please help me.

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Re: I like sexual pleasure so much,.......

There is nothing you can do but tell the truth if that makes you feel free of any charge, or also just silence, keep the silence until something happen. Idk, i have worse problems than you, in the sense of erotical stuff. So, my only advice would be that you should being not so worried, and just try to make an habit dont start to pull your horny-side out everytime you can. You got me? Its kind of hard, but hey, you can do it. the first weeks are the most complicated.