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I lost my virginity twice and know I'll be adult shamed by the school

I'm worried I'll be slut shamed by my school. I am in my Junior year of high school and try very hard to do well in school. I feel like I am a good person and did nothing wrong. Tyler is the QB of our football team and on Friday I went to a small party after the game and Tyler came on to me I had never had sex before and I so flattered and wanted to get loose my virginity out of the way for so long we hooked up. Then I've always had a crush on another member of the team this guy Chris for so long and on Saturday we where just hanging out and he drove me home and we were talking about life and he said he had never been with a girl but wants to do it before college (hes a senior this year) and I just couldn't help myself I like him for so long I literally had sex with him in his car on the side of the road and then again at his house 3 times that night. We had so much fun and then the next day I'm like omg the whole football team is going to tell each other and I know this looks so bad. I literally went from a virgin to having sex 4 times in a weekend with two guys. And then on Sunday afternoon Tyler texted me and asked me to come over and I almost did I couldn't stop thinking about both of them and just how good they both felt but I know this is going to come back to haunt me forever

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Re: I lost my virginity twice and know I'll be adult shamed by the school

Lol Congrats Girl You Made it 2!:D belite it or not some still struggle with 0!:) joking at side, just be sure you are using condoms STD are not joke!:) everything else is easy to deal with as long as all parties on clear terms on what they expect from eachother & relationships they are getting yourself into!:) my friend used to say *we were hormonal so don't overdoit & check with your doc /school cancelour if you need!:)

Take it from someone that has gone through a similar situation. This is high school, in the long run, as harsh as this may sound, everything that happens in high school does not matter whatsoever.

When I was a freshman, I lost my virginity to a senior when I was extremely drunk. He told everyone that it was his "thumb", and we never had sex. But would continue to message me asking me to have sex again. I also made the mistake of sending nudes to one of my old guy friends and he spread it throughout the entire school. There was also a situation when I was at a party and the HOTTEST guy in the school wanted to have sex with me, but he had a girlfriend so I denied him. Next Monday I get to school and everyone is talking about how I had sex with him, just to find out that another girl had sex with him instead and then she threw my name under the bus to cover her own ass. I was young and had built up a quite bad reputation at 14 years old for being a slut.

People love to talk. High school is all about drama. If this comes out, own it. Its your body and guess what? You can do whatever the fuck you want with it! Fuck everyone who wants to talk shit, call you a slut or whatever else. Keep your head held high and don't worry about what others say about you.

This may seem world shattering but I promise you it is not. Years down the line, everyone will have forgotten about it anyways. Nothing is sexier than confidence, so if you act like you don't give a shit and own it, people will stop talking about It because there's no drama in the situation anymore. Hope all goes well with this for you. If anyone asks you, tell them to mind their own damn business.