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I love Ariana Grande

I love her to death. She's an amazing singer and I've been supporting her since 2018. When I first heard Sweetener I fell in love. When her 5th album came out it was quite a surprise to me because I've never kept up to date at the time. I decided to listen to it and I loved every song on the album except for track 1. When I heard that someone broke into her house trying to kill her, my heart just shattered into a million pieces . I started crying after seeing that post. It was on instagram. Anyway, I don't want to dwell too much on that subject because it's painful for me because she's my idol and I would do anything for her. when her 6th album dropped yesterday I was so excited. I love Nasty, love language, 34 35 etc. Please tell me if your an arianator like me because I would love to chat with some arianators on here.