I love my female bestfriends

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But there's a difference

I really love one 🥰

And I'm in love with other😍

There's a difference

The one that I love is like my sister I really love her I genuinely care for her like she's my sister. I can't see her a single tear in her eyes or even just see her sad. I will do everything possible to keep her always happy

The one that I'm in love with is like a different person for me. It's like she's only one in a thousand or possibly one in lakhs. Whenever I see her I'm like blankly staring at her like how can someone be like her. I feel like even if there are tears in her eyes it's ok we'll cry together and get over the pain, I just want to be with her no matter what happens and I'm ready to wait for her no matter how long it takes💗

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