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i love my online friend - me gushing over that idiot

i dont wanna bother my friedns going on and on about him especially about details like these but holy shit hes so cute. i know he might like me back but i also dont know if hes asexual which im chill with but i also know will drive me mad in a good way, he already has so much power. on our sleep calls he has a sleepy voice and its addicting i just want to hear him talk like that all day, its so cute but it also sends shivers down my spine and tbh its a turn on.

hes adorable and shy his way of doing stuff w me is jokingly saying its cus i want it or cus its for my sake - sleep calls cus i like staying up late - study calls so i study more etc. its very sweet and ahhhhh

i could go on. just so many feelings i swear. i dont wanna sound obsessive either but i cant help it im high off the feeling of loving him at this point. kinda wanna get drunk just so drunk me can flirt and truly express my feelings. ive been pretty direct im sure he kinda knows already though but i just wanna say that i wanna kiss him so bad when he acts like such a cute dork and when he is simply himself. i just am aching to love him more and to let him know i do.

i will though dont worry. im not the best at keeping my feelings at bay so theyll explode at somepoint and itll some out as word vomit at some point. plus hes my friend first. even if nothing came of it i still love him and like his company

ANYWAYS the nerd told me to study if i wanna have movie night w him today so imma do that. just needed to get it out of my system so i can move on and live my own life for a bit lmao. have a nice day