I love you

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I met one girl online. We won in some kind of couple game in clubhouse which is nowadays famous in my country.

She is from same place where I'm from.

But I'm afraid to talk to her personally.

I tried talking to her on Instagram she used to reply instantly but today I send her one message which I haven't got any reply since it has been more than 10 hours now I think she don't like me, which I think is not her fault because even I think she deserves better then me, but now i don't know how to forget her.

Every time I think of her. I'm confused what to do.

Some time I want to forget her and block her from all my social media, and same time I wanna wait for her reply, I think she will reply one day and I am planning to wait.

And if she replays I'll sure reply this.

And if u wanna help me for what to do

Wait or block....

Just help me

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