I love you in the worst ways.

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Your voice is a biting whisper in the back of my mind,

and I’m drawn so deeply to the melodic nature of it

that I find myself unable to turn away.

I keep looking for ways to escape you.

Even in the darkest corners.

but I keep finding myself lost in you.

As if a never ending sea,

tossed through the waves.

being dragged under,

deeper and deeper by the way you smile.

and it’s not as though I can simply turn it off,

for my love for you is more than the moons love for the stars.

Loving someone isn’t something you can just turn off or forget.

It’s intertwined deep within you.

Just as you are intertwined deep within my heart strings.

pulling each and every one as you make your desperate get away.


Dear T,

i’m still so deeply in love with you

in the worst ways. -S

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