I loved you, now youre the equivalent of lint to me.

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Its amazing how you can love a man so much and just take the bs, cry and take the bs some more and he kisses you ever so gently and comes to the rescue like a true hero and the cycle continues. After the multiple women, trips to the clinic, tears, drinking in sorrow, arguing with other women and wasted time, one day it just hits you. MF you are not worth my health, you are not worth my sanity, you are not worthy of my time or my body or soul. Its time to cut you off. CHOP MF CHOP and Ive done this and it feels so good. All that gushing over how I was different, so easy going unlike the women you know and how my pussy was so good and wet. Everytime you came I thought I had to check your Pulse afterwards because you were loud and I know I had a hold on you. MF you will never experience me or the latter again because there is only one me. You can imagine it like Dreamworks in your mind lol but we are DONE. I will never contact you again because its time for you to stop lying to yourself and deal with your demons. Im working on me and it feels great. Ladies and gents if you have to reason with yourself something is wrong. Love doesnt make you doubt. Love always knows and its evident. Love makes time. Love doesnt make excuses. Love is a action. Love is in your face, it is not elusive. PLEASE TAKE HEED AND DONT LEAVE ONE FUCK BOY FOR ANOTHER ONE. When something is wrong you know. Do not entertain company that doesnt want you 100% of the time. Dont entertain people that dont want to meet your family and find out your dreams, goals and fears. Love submerses itself into you. From your birthday to your favorite color, tv shows, movies, restaurants to your pet peeves. Dont entertain fuck boys and fuck girls you are worthy of so much more. You are Gold so dont let someone de-value you and treat you like a box of rocks. I loved you, now you are the equivalent of lint on the carpet. Garbage. A absolute non-factor. This was written in the hopes of helping someone else before its too late.