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i loved you (writing)

i loved you. i loved you so so much, but you broke me. you told me i wasnt good enough through your glare. you said to me im not who you wanted with your tone. you picked me up by my shirt collar and yelled into my face, "i hate you," and threw me back down like nothing had happened. god, i said, why me? why am i the woman who has to go through this? i loved you. and my love stopped me from leaving you. for months and months and months i stayed to protect you, but i was the one needing protecting. for weeks and weeks and weeks i stayed to help bring you up, when i was the one who was knocked down. i loved you. i miss our fights. they would start of heated and dangerous, but always end up ok. god, why me? why am i the one who has to deal with this love? i loved you. i always loved you. i love you. ill always love you.

hey guys this was just for fun if you like it idk what you do but let me know!!!