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I manipulate people as an outlet of my anger.

People believe so much, people have a lot of faith in things, but I've lost that, and so the way I mourn is by bullying others about their foolishness. It makes me really happy that others feel sad or feel the way I want them to be and that's just nice. It's very weird to manipulate people because I don't even know if I'm doing it correctly, all I know is that can't control it. It's really hard to live this way, people judge me for being who I am but I don't really know what to do about it. It's hard to stop manipulating too.

This confession may be disconnected and confusing. But it's really helpful for me to let something out like this.

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Re: I manipulate people as an outlet of my anger.

Damn, I feel you. Is strange to read something on a random webpage that connects so much. Some people just make it too easy not to manipulate them, but I agree with you, it is also something bad and can push everyone away from your life.

Maybe find a source of your anger, and try to reach into why you desire to manipulate people. I know my reason already and try to work with that to stop myself from using other people.

I wish you the best mate.

First of all its great that you know and accept that you are manipulative. And you are here because may be you are guilty of it or want to change your behavior.

It's never too tale to change. Deep down you know u don't want to be manipulative. then don't be.Its your behavior one day will distance you from your friends.

So, Go for a trip or so find the peace and be conscious of your mind and mouth. Stop yourself when u try to manipulative next.

All the best!

Ok. So u are capable of making peopme do things.

So why dont u use that to make people do things that would better their lives?

If you can really make people do thongs y not make em do shit like get a better job,....

end an abuse realtionship, make a depressed person less depressed.

Then u could get on hear and brag.

Think you can?

It would be a lot harder then getting someone to steal u a toothbrush.

Bet you cant.