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I May Be Killed A Dog

Well, it was unintentional. But I feel like a murderer. So I visit this place with my family, there was this stray dog who was on verge of dying. He was sickly thin and have wounds. So no one paid attention to him. After while he sat under our parked car. I knew he was under car. But momentarily I forget about him and my uncle start driving. Our car broke his leg. He screamed in agony. He was in so much pain. We left him there. My family didn't help him. There was no vet nearby and he was already dying. I feel so guilty. I never felt this way. As a pet parent I feel horrible for that dog. I am trying to forget his scream but I don't think I will able to. I think if I had warned my uncle about that dog before driving it wouldn't have been happen.