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I may have to evacuate due to forest fire

Currently, a forest fire is ten minutes away from where I live. My county isn’t yet at the level 1 warning, but we’re still packing our stuff just in case. For context, I’m fifteen, middle class, and live in a more suburban area with my sister and mother (my father is currently working with communication on a different fire).

Honestly, I’m a bit scared. Trying to fit potentially all the clothing you’ll be able to keep in one suitcase is pretty stressful, and I’m really hoping we don’t have to evacuate.

I know we’ll have to have a place to go if we need to, but I still would rather not have yet another possibly traumatic event before I’m even an adult, added onto all that’s happening in the world right now, yknow?

i guess I’m just stressed right now. My area had a similar situation a few years ago, and it was so smoky rather the sun turned red, but we’ve never had to pack before, so this is a first for me.

If you have any reassuring words, I would appreciate them <3

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Re: I may have to evacuate due to forest fire

Sending love from Chicago with blue skies and a lake right next to us xoxo <3






Take heart, and be safe. It must be a very terrifying time for you, but sooner than you think, you'll be telling the story from a safe place in the future. Be smart, stay calm, follow instructions.... and don't overpack. Stuff isn't important... you and your family are. I'm praying for you.

Its the same with me in Oregon

I'm scared to be honrdt

I can't even type cinhently rndnfkk