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I might have developed tics or not, i don't really know i'm scared

I was acting like i have a tics for just a minute then i stop, i didn't mean to mock them i was just curious of how it feel like having them. Then i slowly noticed that i was doing it for hours even though i stopped already. I just thought that 'oh my brain's acting up again' but then i was still doing it until i realised it's morning already and i kept doing it until now that i'm typing this. It was my fault tho because i first did it but it was just out of curiosity.

I kept stretching my neck and grit my teeth to stop it but it won't so i cried but it triggers it and then i cried again because of it and it triggers it alot more. I just curse whispering because i'm with my siblings because we're sharing a room and my dad's awake so i try to hide as long as i can by gritting my teeth, now my teeth hurts so bad and worst that i do it nonstop whenever i have the tics again because i know for sure that i'll just start making weird noises but i'm trying to not wake my siblings.

I'm really scared right now, i don't even know if i had just developed them, i'm worried that if i told my parents that i do it they'd just start to call me that i'm faking it. I'm thinking if maybe i should just keep it a little bit more to know if i really have it

But seriously, my neck really hurt so bad because of the nonstop stretching