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I might need help idfk

Im literally depressed im crying everyday i cant stop it even with people near me im even shaking at times. I have never felt like this in my life. Im only 15 going to a private high school with no one i know and it is really affecting me. I cant seek for help i just cant and wont tell my parents or anyone. The closer i get to high school start the worse it gets i just fucking cant 🤒

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Re: I might need help idfk

Hi, I have the same problem, only im a 20 year old guy and I have been dealing with severe depression my whole life. You'll find that you have to find your own cure, be it friends, enlightenment, lifestyle choices or something else. In order to have something you never had (happiness in my case) You'll need to do what you've never done. It will take time and a lot of frustration and even sadness, but you will find your scapegoat and recover eventually. You just get absolutely fucked sometimes, thats just life...

Just go to school for your education, and don't worry about anyone else. Once you get to college, there's a chance you won't know a soul. If I could back to college when I was really depressed, I would go tell a counselor, and tell my favorite teacher how I feel and what's wrong.. I know it sounds cliche and general advice, but it's something I never did, and never tried up until my early adulthood. I let a lot of my high school depression just sit there and haunt me, and now that I am an adult, I still find it hard to get over. Seek help and talk to a counselor. "Friends" aren't always the key to your result. Especially not in high school, when everyone is still unexperienced and immature.