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I miss him

It has been quite sometime that I haven't spoken to my best friend and it hurts to know that he needs space from me. It has been almost a month and it feels like yesterday. I don't understand what to do because there is no way he's texting or calling me back. He said he needs space but it hurts me to see him do this. Every morning I wake up expecting a text from him but that doesn't happen. I feel lost and alone, I don't know who to talk to or ask for advice. It's killing me! I sometimes wonder if he feels the same. Even if he did, why is he not texting me?

I have had sleepless nights and I still do. I can't even cry out loud because I don't want my mom to know. Does space mean it's the end of our friendship?

I really need someone to talk to and tell me what to do. Because he was the only close friend to me and I used to tell him everything and now it feels like I've lost him. What should I do? should I text him (he doesn't read them though), or should I let go? Even if I let go, how do I stay strong and move forward?