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Before this whole pandemic happened, I was like going anywhere. Like literally anywhere with my friends. Sometimes, we go to the beach at night and just spend a few hours there appreciating the sea, and when during school days we always hang out after class or go out for lunch. I miss the times where we can interact with a lot of people without wearing any face masks. I miss hugging people and be sooo close with them. Honestly, I couldn't adjust to this whole new set up where we are forced to stay at home and do our schoolworks at home because I can't keep my focus and I feel so suffocated not because I am inside but because of the people around. Its not like I hate my family. I love them. But being with them for 24/7 in these long months, it feels so toxic and I just want to be alone. I'm not sad or anything. I just miss how life was before this pandemic and if only I knew that this happened, I should have spent the whole time with my friends and go to a long car rides, sleepovers, hangovers, and all. I should have gone to an adventure with them cause nobody knows if this crisis would end. FUCK COVID-19.