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i miss my bed

my parents love to travel, and enjoy natura beauties and relaxing vibes. as much as i agree that those things are great, my idea of relaxation and natural beauties is going out with my girlfriend, staying home and playing video games with my best friends, and playing my guitar until i fall asleep. though i don’t mind going to the beach. my parents decided to spring the news on me that we are going to florida like 4 days before the trip. i was furious, though if i voiced my frustrations, they would have made fun of my introvert like tendencies.

i was dreading the trip for those 4 days. i knew i wasn’t going to enjoy it, i was just going to wake up in a cramped studio condo, pile up in the car, go to the beach, get sunburnt, eat shitty dinner at a shady ass restaurant, and do the same thing all over again the next day. and that’s exactly what we did.

i was counting down the days until i could go home.

but on the last day on the beach, my mom told me that after we drive home, we are re-packing and heading to san antonio t to o visit my grandparents since my grandma just got surgery to remove a tumor.

usually, i would have been outraged by the sudden leave. but i didn’t, i just let out a long sigh and said “wow, okay”

despite my efforts at being polite, she says “you will survive with out seeing your girlfriend for a couple more days” in an obvious mocking tone. so here i am, in the back of the car, typing this out. i have severe anxiety problems and i can’t stand being away from home for too long. also, we aren’t just visiting my grandparents. my little brother has an olympic soccer tryout, so i won’t be back until sunday, it is currently thursday. this all seems so silly, but i can’t stand being here with this loud annoying family. i want to cry. i miss my girlfriend. i miss my bed