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i miss my emotionally abusive boyfriend.

i loved his voice, his jokes, his charm, his kindness, his love for me, his hate for me, everything. i loved him with all my heart and i really want him back.

we dated for a month, and my best friend forced me to break up with him because he was emotionally abusing and manipulating me and my decisions, i sent him risky pictures when i didnt want to and i really regret it.

i really want him back and i know his number to text him, ive been thinking about it for months now and i really want to talk to him again but i really shouldnt. i'm at the stage where im craving romantic love, i just want someone to tell me that they love me and mean it. i dont want to keep hurting myself like this, i dont want to cut myself or bite myself or hit myself, but its hard to avoid it when you make so many mistakes and when you feel like no one will ever love you for you.

every girl is better than me, prettier than me, funnier and smarter than me. why cant i be like them? i just have to be a no life loner who lives on her computer playing games huh? i fucking hate everything about me.