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I miss you

You were the first person to be there for me during all the crap going on. I knew you were broken. I knew you were addicted. I still fell in love with you then and I still love you now. I dont care about your big Dick. And you know this because Im not big on sex. It was an issue between us cuz you needed affection so bad but I cant stand to be touched. You said it was true love.. god we were such naive kids, weren't we? You were in my life 15 years. We both changed so much. I got fat and you got strung out. Our kids are almost grown.. and where are you? We hope youre alive and ok. I hope you found someone who loves you the way you needed me to. I stayed alone.. I just cant go thru it all again. And there will never be another you. I wonder if you think about me.. if you sense that I carry you in my heart still.. after all these years. I love you. I really do. You know I had to take care of the kids. I had to put them first.. just wish you could've done that with me. I miss you.