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I miss you Skaterboy

Hi, this story is about the guy I met on omegle year 2018. I just can't sleep that night so I visit omegle and found him there. We talked about ourselves, family, hobbies and dreams. I was hesitant to tell him my real identity and social media accs because who knows what will happen.

I wasn't expecting for him to ask me to chat with him again. He suggested to have our own unique code and he would always wait at 10pm for me to go online.

Thinking about it, it has no assurance that we will always catch up on each other. On our 3rd day on omegle I failed to go online because I was busy. The next day, I went to omegle again not expecting that he will still go online. But then I was surprised, he came back.

We have been like that for two weeks. But it was not straight since I was away for 2 days. I promised to myself that if I return and he is still there, I will give my fb acc to him. Then, I did.

Things were going well after that. This story of mine is too long. So if you guys wanted to know what happened next, please do reply hehe.