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i need a friend

hey, so i'm living with my family and we moved to another city and idk anyone here. it been like 4 month ig and i feel really lonely and depressed. i want a fucking friend. i just need a friend. i'm really sick of being alone and having no one to cry on their shoulder. i have no one and none of my friends in the other city wants to talk with me. they're just don't like me ig. i've met this girl online and i know so many people on online but i just want a friend who is just gonna be there all the time. i'm not asking for a bf or a gf all i want is a friend to telle all my pain and listen his/her problems too. i hope someday i'll have that friend too. i really do bc i really just can't take this anymore. i'm sick of crying quirtly so no one would hear or just smiling so i don't have to speaking bullshit to them.