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I need a girlfriend, anyone ?

My lonely gay ass just keeps thinking about cuddling and enjoying time with my non existent girlfriend.

When will I finally date a decent women with whom I can french kiss, cuddle and have sex ?

I really don't know where I'm supposed to meet anyone. Real life is definitely not working so far, especially due to the current situation and online is full of trolls who either turn out to be weird guys or girls who want a thressome with their boyfriend... ugghh

Not judging, but a) not cool, you shouldn't pretend sth like that and b) not my cup of tea

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4 months ago

Re: I need a girlfriend, anyone ?

Go to church! It's full of desperate women who want to settle down. Preferably a big church that has enough members to support a young single connection group. You'll be able to marry up because I've seen some awkward losers actually marry some pretty hot church girls. Keep in mind that she is going to want to settle down and get married quicker than the typical girl so don't settle. Go for the hottest one you can get.

Also, you have to be willing to actually go to the church and pay tithing and be an active member or the marriage won't work. If she's hot enough it will be worth it.