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I need advice

Hay, I need advice. Im a 15 year old who has been living with their aunt as a Legal guardian for the past 10-ish years, Latley I feel as if I'm not like most children my age, I mean I do everything down to cooking and cleaning everyday before and after school, my friends have been asking me why I always seem busy, and I was confused, I thought everyone did this, later i found out this to be not true,

However the reason I'm asking for advice falls into a different subject, my aunt has been shouting more and more despite the fact she knows that loud noises scare the crap out of me to the point I sometimes take panic attacks, I was told that it could be considered abuse because how much I do as well as the constaint shouting and one-sided arguments, Could someone tell me if it is..? to be honest, I really don't know anymore.

one last question,

What should I do, My aunt is extreamly homaphobic, and transphobic,I was born a girl but I concider myself to be agender, and I have a girlfriend. Should I tell her? she keeps asking me when I'll get a boyfriend, she even asked me that infront of my girlfriend, which my gf asked me about. My gf thinks I sould tell her but right now I need an outsiders opinion, could someone please give me some advice on these questions?

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Re: I need advice

Hey. Sorry for a gender bias comment but mother’s shout. If your aunt treats you well generally but sometimes she gets too harsh, I Guess that’s okay. My wife, my mother, my mother in law and many other mothers do that to their kids. It does not mean they don’t love them. They just get frustrated at times. I know she is not ur mother but being a guardian or a parent is not much different.

but if she is not nice to you at all and she does not take care of your needs but just uses you then that may be abuse. You have to figure which one is it.

To me it seems like she is just being a mother to you :)

As for telling her about your sexual preference, I Guess you can tell her if you feel you need to. If it give you power and enforces your identity then you should tell her.