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I need advice

I need advice.

I found my father cheating. It is very unfair for my mother who is working far from home for years. I am going nuts. I don't know what to do with it. I accidentally discover the affair and have been depressed ever since. I can't find any solution on how to deal it it. I am very close with my father and I am trying to understand him but it sucks. I need some advice. I can't kill myself yet. I don't have money for my funeral yet.

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Re: I need advice

My father cheated on my mom countless times for so many years, I’ve caught so many shit on him I can’t even look up to him in anyway, but I never got the courage to say it to his face..

I feel so much anger every time that I just swallow it and find a way to live with it, I don’t wish him any harm though, it’s a very mixed and complicated emotion that I think we don’t deserve to be exposed to.. I just try to convince myself that everyone has their own journey that leads them to making such decisions and I choose not to understand it because I can’t live with myself if I accepted it.

And as much as life sucks, please don’t kill yourself, we can always start our own chapters of our lives