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I need advice

I’m depressed and my family hasn’t noticed, it’s either that or they don’t care. Im also scared because idk if or when I’m being lied to, like I’m scared my bf is cheating on me, or he’s just not happy with our relationship and he’s lying to me abt being happy, and honestly, I just don’t know what to do anymore. I wanna give up.

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Re: I need advice

Come on girl first stop over thinking and start to figure out things. If you're family saw you depressed they will never live you alone so don't think in that way. Just talk with your friends and say them what you are going through it will help you and ask your self first are you happy with your relationship. If you think he cheating on you just take a break. If you feel he is not happy or pretending to be happy talk to him once. You will find your answer. Jst relax don't over think

Your family might not have noticed because you hide your depression very well. I had depression for three years but nobody knew because I was excellent at keeping it a secret. Usually it’s best to express your feelings. Like right now where are you have written on here. So maybe talk to a friend or tell your family. I’m sure they care.

About your boyfriend. Has he given you any reason that makes you think he isn’t happy? Sometimes depression can make you insecure and that can cause you to push off what you think someone else might feel on to them. Make sure that you’re concerns are valid. And why do you think he is cheating? Does he give off any signs? If he does, maybe you should take a break for a while. Always doubting yourself in a relationship is unhealthy. If you are constantly worried about him cheating, it is possible that he doesn’t treat you with the respect, love, and care like he should.