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I need advice

My boyfriend is verbally abusive when his family is not around. He says he loves me but still humiliates me when we are alone or with one specific person(his one closest friend who is just as mean to his girlfriend).

2 days ago when we were at a friend's house he started insulting women in general and then started targeting me specifically for being a bad girlfriend and an awful human being even though I had done nothing wrong. I started crying and he started saying things like "See, what I have to put up with?", "I drive you places and this is what I get,", "wish I could start crying like that out of the blue and for nothing too," etc.

Later at home, when he fell asleep, it was in the middle of the night, I packed my stuff in the middle of the night and left. I haven't heard from him. He probably thinks I'm just being dramatic for leaving like that and that I'll come back eventually.

I need help. What should I do?