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I need advice

My dad works in a different country but only goes there every few weeks for a week and whenever he does, my mum gets stressed. She gets drunk, generally in the evening and gets frustrated. My brother is very little and she doesn’t do anything bad to him she just gets agitated easily when telling him to do stuff which scares him a bit. She generally makes me listen to a long rant about how her whole family is dead except us, she then let’s me leave but comes back later. She will tell me that I will never achieve my dream because I’m too lazy in a really horrible way and she says that we should get rid of our dog because I’m too selfish to take care of it. Recently she’s started calling me ‘special’ and ‘spastic’ whenever I try to tune out this side of her. She later comes back and says she would kill my dad for me and she would kill herself and anyone she knows, explaining how I’m her everything. When she’s like this she won’t respect my personal space and constantly makes me do stuff for her. In the morning when she’s sober again she either doesn’t remember or doesn’t bring it up again. When she’s sober she’s great and only yells if we are being bad so that doesn’t worry me. What I’m not sure about is if that’s classed as emotional abuse while she’s drunk. I might just be overreacting though.