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I need advice

I'm 24 and my boyfriend's 27. We've been dating for 6 months already.

Yesterday, we talked about seeing each other. Have I mentioned that we're in a LDR and haven't seen each other yet? We met at a dating app and the rest is history.

So out of nowhere, he mentioned about me living with him already on 2022/2023. My original plan was just to visit. But that's what he actually wants. To live with him already and probably get engaged.

Everything is so fast? I think so too. And I told him that. Our conversation really did not end with what we really want to do.

But I kinda understand why he rushes this. He has diabetes and most of the time complains about his pains. His worried not living long to even see his grandchildren.

Not that he's making me decide already. I just want to hear your take about my situation.

We have plans of seeing first. Him visiting me. Just want to know what do you think of getting engaged or living with your partner after 2-3 years of being in a long distance relationship and also considering our age.

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Re: I need advice

Dating someone long distance can be hard as I’m sure you already know. The problem is that sometimes you might get along really well long distance but then when you meet and are around each other things get tough. I would make sure that you two are going to get along together once you meet him. Sometimes it might seem great for a week or two after meeting each other and then fall apart. Only get engaged if you are sure you love him, trust him, and are willing to make things work out once you get to know each other in real life. (I’m sure he’s a great guy, I’m not trying to say he’s not) Long distance can be tricky but it can work out. And don’t feel pressured just because of your age. My parents didn’t marry until my mother was 34 and my dad was 41. Don’t get married or live together just because you feel pressured to because of age, or because you’ve dating for years long distance. Just make sure you are happy and willing to live the rest of your life with him before making a permanent decision:)

Thank you so much for answering. Never thought someone will answer me here.

I understand your point. And honestly, that's what I'm thinking too. I'm scared that he won't like me once he meet me personally. Told him everything about me except for 1 thing. That 1 thing is one of my flaws that I'm ashamed of.

I'm not telling him coz I'm scared. But I was planning to get it fixed before we meet.

That's why I'm scared that he won't like me. And now I'm pressured as he's been talking about marrying me for the past days but I'm still unsure if he will even like me.