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So to summarise this without adding too much unnecessary details, I recently began university as an undergraduate. Now, I've been in this institution for around about two weeks now, and things are going smoothly. There's nothing wrong with my course or anything like that, and I've settled in perfectly. However, the issue really comes in about my boyfriend back home. I've been with him for around about seven and a half months now, so it's still a pretty recent relationship. As well as that, I'm a semi-closeted pansexual (semi because all of my friends know and my brother knows, but my parents and extended family are still oblivious), so this definitely isn't an issue of confusion of sexuality. Basically, there's this girl that lives in my flat. She's everything I want and more in a girl, so obviously it's a little frustrating knowing that I'm attracted to this girl whilst being in a relationship. Granted, I understand that it's completely normal to develop simple attractions towards people when in a relationship (I mean it's just human nature, right?) but this is more than just a small attraction. I find absolutely everything about this girl absolutely perfect. She's gorgeous, she's talented and she's just...perfect. In short, I seemed to have developed feelings for this girl whilst in a relationship, and honestly...the thought of being with her rather than my current boyfriend is a lot more appealing to me (even though I absolutely hate to admit it). I know the solution seems simple here, like "just break up with him and get with her", but it's really not. You see, she's also in a relationship. And I couldn't ever do that to my boyfriend, because he genuinely is a really great guy that treats me wonderfully. I just want some advice on how I should handle this, because I'm not great at expressing how I feel at all. So please, help me. Thanks.