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I need an answer

I have a question. I am not sure if he likes me. We met on an anonymous chat forum and I asked him if he wants to be platonic friends. He took me up like a challenge.

And then he was very controlling. He said he didn't have a crush on me. And then he said he does.

But then he suddenly became demanding. I wasn't comfortable sharing my pic. So after saying things like I made him feel alive, he simply left. His reasoning was he could not play by my rules and that he wanted more than friendship. So he blocked me after weeks if back and forth chatting. What do I make of it? He always called me dumb, silly, noob and wuss.

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Re: I need an answer

I know what ID make of it...He's a narcissistic punk,who has to be in control of his wimmins, and would see to that by keepin you down/submissive/ belittling ya all the time.Imagine what he'd be like in person...??? Would likely get phyiscal? Be glad he's moved on to his next victim...


I'm sorry but whether he likes you or not should not be your concern at all. This guy is an attention seeking narcissistic jackass who just wants a submissive toxic relationship. He's super toxic. The fact that you recognized his dominating and insulting personality is your mind raising red flags. Acknowledge it and stay away from this person. Either he's playing around with you because he's an ass who has the wrong idea of fun, or he's just a toxic ass looking for a person he can mess up. Focus on what you should be. He's already blocked you but block him back, in case he tries to contact you again. I hope this guy doesn't come back into your life and that you don't go through anything.