I need some advice if anyone is willing...

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My mother lied to me about a person from her past. She said that she met him in college and has known him for about 20 years...she intends to move to germany so she can marry him. I asked him about his time in college with her and he asked me where I heard this absurd story. My mother told me to lie to him, and say that it is a cover story so that my grandmother (mother's mom) would approve of him. She leaves soon for germany...and she is leaving me behind with her mom. My mother will not send her money that is need to help take care of us (brother and I). I dont know this man that my mother likes, I never met him and I only heard about him 8-9 months ago. I cannot see her as my mother anymore and I want her gone. I need help, I honestly dont know what to do.