I need someone 🏳️

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I just really need to talk to someone. I feel really distant from everything and I feel like everything’s going wrong again. I was talking to this guy for a while and He was friends with all my friends and he seemed really nice and it was really good but he just made me feel really uncomfortable. Like he was always tying to get more out of a situation we were in. Pressuring me to do stuff with him that I have already explained that I’m not ready for that yet. He said he was fine with that and we just carried on taking. 8 days ago we were at a party and I was really drunk. I may have have been under the influence of drugs and well he followed me to the toilets and tried to force himself on me because he could clearly see that I was fucked. I told him I didn’t want to and he tried to get me to go in a room on my own with him. When I tried to leave he grabbed hold of my arms really aggressively. I pushed him and luckily nothing else happened but he really scared me and I’ve not been able to think of anything else since. When I told all my friends about it most of them were really supportive but a few of them still wanna b friends with him and they are girls as well. Not only that but my best friend has just had a massive argument with me and now she doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. She’s said multiple times how she doesn’t wanna b around people like me. The argument was petty and stupid but now it’s just massively out of hand and we’re both too stubborn to sort it out. She wants me to take all the blame and responsibility but she’s just as much to Blame for the argument. I’m just really tired of it all. Oh ye and the guy I mentioned at the begging shagged another girl because I said no that night. I really just wanna die, like not one of my friends give a shit about me. No one does and I really don’t c a point anymore. I just want it to stop. hmlw🏳️