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I need suggestion.

I want to share my feeling towards him. I am nothing to him. But he is everything for me. Why i can not stop loving him or talking to him. i know he love someone else and even though like a stupid i am texting him. I have to limit my self and feelings. But i feel like heartache when he does not respond to my text. I know i am like psycho type and texting him even though he does not want to talk to me. I want solution of this problem. How can i stop my feeling for him. Because it is taking too much time for me to believe that he belongs to someone else. i want to feel free from him and want to stop texting him and contact him. Please anyone can suggest me how can i stop my feeling for him. Because my feeling is making me like a psycho that does not want to understand that that person is not yours. I also tried to delete his number from my phone. But some how at the end i am texting him on another apps. Why ? why? why? why i can not stop my feelings and stop my mind to think about him. Please help me. I want to stop talking to him without thinking about him. And i do not want to appear in front of him. I want to stop behave like a psycho and want to stop texting him like an idiot. I hope you guys will understand me and my feelings. please give me suggestion to get rid of this situation.

thank you in advance

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Re: I need suggestion.

Hey sweetie. I know how exactly how you feel. I've been in the same situation as you. I won't lie to you. It does take some time to get over someone you love. It hurts even more when that person doesns't love you in that way and seeing them with someone else really cuts the deepest part of your heart. Sometimes if I feel like texting the guy I like I just find something to do to occupy my mind off of it. Like watch a funny movie or read an interesting book or magazine. The fact is that you never know, you might end up together with this guy someday. If not, your feelings and the hurt does go away eventually. You're going to find someone that will make you forget all about the other guy. If you want to text him and you know he won't respond, remind yourself of the pain and humiliation you'll feel after when he doesn't reply to your message. Maybe thinking about that will make you change your mind about texting him. Oh and don't feel like an idiot for wanting a communication with someone you love. If anyone is an idiot, it's that guy for not realizing how wonderful you are. I hope I have helped you out some. I'm not the best at giving advice, but I try. Hope it all works out for you. Hang in there. You'll see, I promise you that the pain will go away.