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I need to find a book!

I loved this book when I was younger, but it was battered and had no title and some pages missing. I remember most of the plot though! Here it is: There are 3 separate stories of 3 high school girls who fall in love. One of the stories, I remember, has the stereotypical "nerdy" girl, gets asked out by a jock to the school dance, but he ends up calling her and saying that his grandma is sick. She still goes to the dance, and sees the guy there with a popular girl. She's obviously upset, but ends up dating the "nerdy" guy who has liked her all along. I can't remember much of the second story, but I do remember that this girl was babysitting for a nice family, when a delivery man delivers things to the home while she's babysitting, and she ends up running into him all the time. They go on a date, and end up falling in love (obviously!). The 3rd and final story is about a girl who moves to either Florida or California with some distant family. Shes staying in a "rickety" old house with carpeted walls. She ends up falling in love with a classmate, but at the end she has to leave him since she was just staying with family. It ends in a bittersweet kiss, and that's the end of the whole book. Please tell me someone else has heard of this book and knows the title?