I need to get all this off my chest

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I'm 17, Autistic with ADHD, Diagnosed with Depression and severe anxiety, I'm extremely stressed out all the time.

To start thing off, last year someone called the cops on my mother for having drugs, cops showed up and broke A bunch of stuff in her house looking for them, Found nothing, So her boyfriend sued and won, Now this year the same cops catch her for "Scheming to sell drugs" She wasn't but we couldn't convince everyone of that, So she's been in prison for A while now, my mother is the sweetest, kindest person I know, So on top of that, my grandparents who take care of me took us on vacation, while we were gone, coyotes killed the cat my mom got me, and now everyone won't shut up about how the dogs I've had since I was five are getting old and will die soon, I GET IT! I just want you to shut up about it.

I have A job helping the janitor at the school, I like to listen to music while I work, It helps me focus, But my phone doesn't have A lot of battery, So I always charge it during class, its in my bag on the floor with the charger sticking out, I've done this for two years now, But the teacher who's class I've always done it in has decided I can't do that, So now to top everything off I have detention for trying to my job as best I can, And I doubt anything's over yet.

I don't care who sees this, I just need to empty it out.