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I need to tell someone

My dad has been raping/touching me ever since I can remember and I just wanted to come on here and say something since I can't tell anyone. I tried telling my mom but she didn't believe me and after that I tried killing myself and after that didn't work my mom said she was gonna put me in a mental hospital if I did it again but I don't wanna ever hurt my brothers and I know that me going there would mess them up. So from then on I've tried to always seem happy and never try to be seen as depressed. My brothers don't know what my dad has done to me and they honestly adore him. Me and my brothers are adopted and our family before had molested us and made us do nasty things to each other at such a young age. I was 3 my older brother was 4 and my younger one was 14 months old. My granddad now has also touched me and tried to make me spread my legs while sitting in his lap but no one ever noticed. I told my mom about that too but she didn't believe me and said that I was probably just dreaming cause of the trauma I've had when I was little. This all happened in 2018 and I know I should get over it but my dad is still doing things to me and it's something that's always a re-occurring thought. Oh how I wish I could tell someone who could help me but I just try to forget about it and tell myself that I was probably put on this earth to help others who may be going through the same thing. That's the only thing that's keeping me alive. I wanna stay alive for my brothers and my mom and anyone who could use this story as help for them. I just like to think my dad will get his karma one day...just have to wait for it.