I need your help!!!

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So, I am a teenage and this Covid time is very frustrating for me. I couldn't get to read well and an important exam is knocking at my door. My boyfriend cheated on me and lied and blamed about me to our common friends.

Now, I am just confined myself, feeling suffocated.

People and friends around me are learning and doing so many things during Covid. But I am so broken and couldn't do anything. I still love my bf.

I am not a jealous person but when people are sharing what they are doing and learning on social media and continuously asking me what I did and then with a hopeless voice they are saying, you haven't done anything, Just wasted your time? Trust me, it's hard. Nowadays my parents are complaining about me. Nobody is by my side. Nobody is trying to understand how hard time it's for me.

I am not seeking attention, but I am really feeling like I want to die. I am so hopeless, depressed and having anxiety attacks. I really don't know what to do.