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I need your help

me and my fiancé we’re living together, his kids are living in Dubai and his ex wife can’t even imagine about me. But he’s in my country, he met my family, everything is ok by my side. He ask money sometimes to the ex, because he can’t find a job in my country and my language is very difficult. He always talk about having another girls joing us on bed and this make my self steam very down... we have no money this month, I do everything to make him happy.

im scared if I’m wasting my time here, in this relationship. I’m young, he’s really older.

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Re: I need your help

I think you should break it off with him otherwise you`ll end up with a cheating partner and a broken heart, because if he really loves u and wants to be with you he`ll work really hard to get a job, learn your country`s language even if it`s hard and not ask money for his ex (i mean there`s nothing wrong with borrowing money but still) and he wants other girls to join you? sis he might be polyamorous but if he`s not then that`s a red flag right there if you ask me. Ask him if he really likes you because of what I just read tHE AUDACITY TO TALK ABOUT HAVING OTHER GIRLS JOIN YOU IN BED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING SALAD IS A BIG NO NO. sis you`re just wasting you`re time. leave him. you deserve someone better