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i never ready to be an adult.

so guys, this year i'm 16 years old. yeah, you know that in my age now, like, everything feels messy. i can't do anything well and i always cry every night. to be honest, i'm really really afraid of my future. i'm affraid will fail, i will be bad guy or something like that. I'm really afraid to disappoint a lot of people.

okay, I will tell about my condition.

I'm a fairly smart kid, and I was born into a middle class family. my family always support me. my family gives me freedom in everything I choose and do. this is what makes me often afraid to take steps. I'm afraid I'm wrong. I'm afraid to disappoint others, especially my parents. I've prayed, I've tried to give my best.

and... yesterday there was an announcement that I entered the top class at school, and we will have a special class that provides much denser material. this is where my worries started. almost all of my friends are super genius kids and whose families are rich. then, the problem is, I CAN'T. I can't follow the lessons. I can't understand the teacher's material because in this class, all the material is very fast and a lot. all my friends take very expensive lessons, so they can follow the school material. What about me? I'm afraid my parents will find it difficult to pay for me when I tutoring. but if I still do not understand the material, I will be stupid, stupid people will be far from successful. and being stupid is my greatest fear.

what should I do now? someone please help. God has not provided an answer.


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Re: i never ready to be an adult.

You'll be okay, don't sweat it. Don't give up. Welcome to a group of people at your level. You're not supposed to understand before its been taught, otherwise what's the point of attending the class? I went through the same feeling recently, I went from being the best in my class to barely average, among the best. It gets better :)

hey, you need to relax. talk to your parents and they will understand if you tell them how miserable it makes you feel. dont make yourself work for something you dont like it will exhaust you mentally and physically. im there for you, imagine me as a real person next to talk. you are just amazing, figure out what you want exactly and everything fall into place.

What I suggest for this is just talking this through with a trusted adult, or your friends to go over things you don't understand afterwards. Take a step back to breathe and reevaluate your pace while looking at the people who are supporting you. People won't expect you to be the next Einstein just work at your pace to work your way up! You'll be fine :)