math teacher

I noticed what you did.

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Back in high school when I used to drag myself through the day and hide myself inside my hoodie, you were the most interesting company.

I noticed how you used to leave crane origamis under my desk ( some painted even ) and the small water lily one you placed on it when I was resting my eyes before our math teacher arrived. You always offered your jacket for me to use as a pillow when I was sleeping, which I often did through the day and how you looked over me, I noticed that too.

I also noticed how you often asked me to paint things for you in your notebooks because you knew I liked painting.

I noticed that time when you shredded some papers into hundreds tiny bits and threw them over the railing as a prank with some friends, which made me upset because of littering and the janitor, how you sobered up and went to the first floor, crouched and picked them up one by one.

I loved our little talks, your way of thinking and I don’t think you noticed I loved your smile a bit too much.

We may have taken different paths but I’ve kept all your origami in a box in my library and I’ll always think of you fondly. Thank you for those times.