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I now officially hate music class

One...stupid...song. We are forced to sing incredibly high for one stupid song. I can’t get out of it, and I can’t complain. I am a girl who is in the lower range but boys in my class who have already hit puberty can hit it and I can’t. Their natural voices and ranges are over an octave lower than mine. I can’t even hit the octave below the note I am supposed to sing. Literally everyone else in my class can do it, even though it is hard. I am physically incapable of doing it. It is not difficult, it is impossible for me to sing. All those YouTube videos of “how to sing high” and my music teacher’s tips don’t help. I am not a musical person so I can’t really say my range or what notes we need to hit (they don’t even show the sheet music to us). All I know is that this is in third verse of the song “Beautiful December.” (I don’t remember the lyrics but it’s something like “____ wings” and “your dreams _____ December”)

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Re: I now officially hate music class

OH Girl ....I imPLORE you to check out Ken Tamplin's vocal channel on the tube!.. He has MANY great exps of young female vox and illustrates ,VERY WELL, all his techniques w/ R brained , hands on type, tutorials, showing ya open throat technique, diaphragmatic support, vowel modifications and MUCHO more.. Im a teen too as in TEENIOR (55-65..LOL) going thru my 2nd puberty (NOT FUN... in the least) and this Cat has helped me sing HIGHER, w/ more pwr, than I did at 30. Im pretty sure of the MANY tuts he has , theres one specifically that will help ya. Well shucks.... I was gonna ask ya to sing alto on Mony Mony (Ab) but Ill have to wait till you can reach it..LOL... Good luck!