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I own more swords than shirts

my kids are huge. When my wife broke our marriage I gave my XXL’s to the high schoolers; the XL to the middle schooler. They’d need them for school. Left my shoes behind too.

So I just realized I own over 40 swords. Which is why my kids called me Deadpool. Finally watched the movie. He’s way too little to be me. But the attitude is the same. I use two full length swords at once. So I have to have pairs.

Not sure why I have so many. I guess cause I’m old.

All my clothes fit in one tub.

Do you do that? Do you collect stuff? That’s good; just not to my extent. Hobbies help us have purpose. I used to collect baseball cards. Old hot rod cars I’d restore myself. Sold them all to help pay off the old house I bought my wife. She sold it for another. I had remodeled it just for her. Planted gardens just for her. It meant nothing to me. She did.

The swords; well they are me. Like them; I am rolled strength. Hard to break. When they are grown my kids get my swords. They already know how to use them. They ask for them endlessly.

They have to have something to remember me by. 😜.

They will remember me as that smart a$$ who told bad jokes; worked on the house, & played with his swords.

The kids called me Hulk & Thor. My wife called me Wolverine. My kids called me Deadpool. It’s so strange that no one ever called me by my name. Everywhere I went people gave me a new nickname. Often after super hero’s. I am in fact a knight of God. The knight with many names it seems. The knight with no name to some.

It’s so funny. I once helped a guy. He never noticed my face. Later he was mean to me at work. Made fun of me for reading my Bible. He never realized I was the one who helped him when he really needed it.

I just smiled as he mocked me & kept reading. Don’t expect to be thanked. Don’t desire it. I was just glad he could still go home to his wife & kids. To them he is a hero.

Everyone can be someone else’s hero; even if they stand alone. You just have to reach out & want to help.