I quit

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I'm so tired of being everything to everyone. My best friend uses me when I'm convenient to her. My job used to be something I loved but since the pandemic, I now hate everything about it. They laid off everyone except for 4 of us. We went from 300 people to just 10. My dept had 20 now there are 4. The amount of work is already unbearable now but then there is the added stress of working for a bitch who doesnt care about the fact that someone from a different dept is stealing from ours. We dont get the extra pay everyone else does. We dont get thank you. The rare time someone does thank one of us for killing ourselves, that one coworker literally steals it from us and my boss wont do anything about it since she doesnt care. Even with hard proof, she doesnt care.

The money I had been saving up so I wont have to worry and can take my family on a vacation or be able to travel was just taken from me by the person I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with. He took everything, every penny I worked so hard for and spent it all on stupid toys. Over $6000 on toys!!!! Now I have nothing and have to start all over again and I'm too tired to do this. I cant even find the will to do it all over again. Everyone comes to me with their problems but not a damn person is there when I just need to cry. Everyone takes and takes and takes from me. It feels like I have nothing left. I feel so empty inside. I have fought my entire life to try to break all the horrible cycles that has gone on for so long. I've spent all my life thinking itll get better. Everything will get better. I made it through hell of a childhood. Made it through the struggle of being a teen parent. I've made it through my other half's addiction issues. Made it through my own that he caused. I've beat depression before. I tried to be the warrior I was sure that I am. Finally made it to a point where I could breath and not worry and continue on my path and goal of helping others. It's all been taken. I dont have anything left to fight for. I just dont have the energy. I'm done. I quit. I'm going to write each of my kids a note and let them know they have made me so proud and exceeded anything I could ever hope for them. Then I will go to sleep and never wake up. I'm just done.