I quite can't explain it.

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I can't explain whether if it me or if it's a spiritual problem. Like ever since my parents died, weird stuff started happening. I don't know if it's coincidence or not. Strange people started to hang around the area. The lack of respect people have for me. It doesn't happen all the time, mid you. It just now being apparent and common. If is something I did or said, I always say I'm sorry and stay out of there way. Maybe people think I'm too soft you know. I'm introverted so there is that. I'm not a shut in, it's just that people assume the wrong things about me sometimes. I like to go out and stuff without the unnecessary attention, or in this case the centre of attention. I hate that. And another thing is that ever since my parents died, I've been hearing strange conspiracy theories about my mother being not my mother. Which is odd since the woman I grew up with took care of me well. I don't know anymore...

That's what's on my mind.