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i really am ugly, aren’t i?

i’m done with life i can’t do this anymore. i was in the living room, and my dad came out. me and him are home alone. he starts giving me his sad little sob story, and trying to make me feel bad because i told my mom some of the rings he has done and said to me. a few minutes later, he starts body shaming me. i thought my parents thought i was beautiful. i guess it really was just a lie. i need to kill myself, no one as ugly as me should exsist

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Re: i really am ugly, aren’t i?


I can understand your problem..no one is ugly in this world you know.everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way..

And your dad said mean things maybe because he was stressed out or something which is bothering him.

You are beautiful dear..

Whenever you feel like you are ugly just think about those girls with disabilities..those girls who is struggling to live.. those girls who has faced acid attacks..do you think their lives easy? They don't give up on their dreams just because someone ruined their face..

You are unique and you should be happy for who you are..no matter wherever you go and whatever ppl say..it doesn't care if its your parents or friends..it doesn't care!! Be there for yourself! Believe in yourself and achieve your goals and make yourself proud♥️

Some people inherently are mean... sadly those people end up having children who look to them for guidance they simply cannot give.

Words can hurt deeply and make you feel like there is nothing on this earth for you but that isn't true!

Please keep reaching out.

Keep searching for strength to see your worth.

Call every helpline you can find.

You. Are. Worth. Fighting. For.