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I really need some help

Hi, Im 16 yrs old and my dad is cheating on my mom

so this is happening for a while now, it started four years ago. he started to chat with some women on social media, he started to be secretive and always turned his phone when I came close. my mum knows he has cheated once but he says he has changed. so I went in and logged into his social account, and read all of his text messages. I didn't know how to feel and I didn't know who to tell so I just told my best friend and later on I told my brothers girlfriend. I mentioned this to my brother he told me not to tell mum because he has done this a lot of times in the past, my brother when he was younger he went in a lot of clubs and he finds women for my father and he pays him later on with different things like money or clothes are new shoes. He just told me to be strong and just move on with my life, he told me it's a normal thing in our family.

I can't move on, i cant look him in the eyes

I just don't understand why he just does not get a divorce, I think he's just scared that I'll choose mothers side

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Re: I really need some help

Hello, this is sad to heear, but don't worry all shall be well soon, I think you should tell your mum, and let her think abt wether she wants a divorce or not, and try telling your dad in a nice way that you can't stay with him, it might destroy your relationships with your future bf's etc. And stuff like that, and pray, pray, pray, nd hopefully life shall be well