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I regret about yesterday

18 yo european. After a hard day at work we got drunk with colleagues, but it wasn't enough for me. I went to another bar, where my friend works, and met there my other friends. There was a guy who said that know me, I didn't recognized him. He always glazed at me, but when I noticed it, he looked away. After a few cocktails, I said good-bye to everyone, but before heading home, we all agreed to smoke at the back of the bar. Actually, only me and him went smoking, it was really freezing back then. He grabbed my hand to warm me up, we laughed about it, talked a little, and I was going to escort him a little to his house, but then, suddenly he grabbed me and started kissing me, and then he raped me with his hand holding my mouth. He said that no one must to know about what happened. And now I feel like a trash.. Sorry for wasting your time on reading that, but I felt like I must to tell that at least someone. Have a nice day <3