i saw you crying once

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you were crying so much and i felt it too, i went through the same thing and i don't like to see you cry

ive put my hands on your back and said I'd be there for you and that you'd be alright, and you were i guess

i think you're great, you feel a lot of things and you care about others and we have been friends for so long

so long so long so long

but you never noticed how i feel and how depressed i am AND don't get me wrong you're not at fault at all for not noticing that's not easy specially since ive always hidden it so well

but you'd be so caring towards others, so kind

i wish you would notice how much i want to die and how much i wish i could tell you this cause you are my friend since we were little kids and really

i wish you'd put your hands on my back and tell me I'd be alright and that you'd be there for me

but i don't want to cry in front of you, i don't want your bright smile that everyone loves to fade and i don't want to be the sad one that spoils the party and i don't want you to worry bout me

but yes, sometimes i wish

i wish i could