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I sent nudes, I regret it so much

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I'll make up names so the story is easier to understand:





I was friends with Matthew for a long time, we didn't speak until after my bf and I broke up. I asked him to my grade 10 dance because i didn't have a partner. Matthew seemed nice and I thought he was cute until he went through my gallery and found my previous nudes. Then his player side came out but at that time, I just didn't want to be alone. I was 15 and he was 18. He kept pressuring me to send him nudes. Eventually I gave in after he convinced me that he wouldn't send. All of this happened 2 years ago... My friend Natasha and her bf AJ met a guy named Justin, I was going to ice skate with Natasha, AJ and Justin. Justin was not my type in any way shape or form and I got an extremely bad vibe from him. I put it aside and continued to be friendly to him. He took it as me liking him. So he told AJ that the next time he sees me, he'll kiss me. That immediately disturbed me because 1. I didn't like him and 2. he spoke about kissing me without even talking to me and not getting my permission. Natasha told him it won't be a good idea because I didn't like him. He joked around saying he'll do it anyway. So because I was scared he would kiss me without my permission I took Matthew skating with us. Justin found out so he also brought a girl with. The 6 of us were skating. Justin and Matthew got on well, the swopped numbers. Later on Matthew still kept pressuring me into sending nudes, which I always gave in. Matthew also tried pressuring me into having sex with him but i kept cancelling plans with him. My ex came back and I told him everything. He forgave me. I found out froma friend that Matthew has asked multiple girls for nudes and nce in the past actually sent a girls nudes to his friends... I'm scared he sends mine out and I'm even more scared if he sends it to justin. I'm 17 now and this still haunts me. I want to kill myself because I don't think I can get over it. I was a minor but i still feel like because it was my decision, I'll get in trouble. I know I will, but I'm scared...

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