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I slept with the guy my best friend likes

he’s in love with you. I’ve always known that. But we’ve gotten so close the past six months while you dated someone else.. I tried so hard to suppress how I felt about him, because even if you were with someone else, I knew you had liked him. That you may one day like him again.

you and I haven’t been close. Even after my purposeful overdose and psych ward stay you still.. were at a distance. He was there for me, and I couldn’t help feeling more for him that I should. We got really drunk one night. He made the move, and it didn’t even last two minutes before he stopped, guilty at what he was doing with me. But that doesn’t fix that I was consensual. That I even.. wanted it. I wanted him despite you. Even if you were flippant in how you felt towards him... I shouldn’t have been so selfish. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I can’t tell you. Especially now that you supposedly want him again. He only wants you. It didn’t.. it didn’t mean anything to him and I’m trying to force myself to forget it happened. I rather you both be happy. I don’t even know why it happened. I was just.. there I guess. I don’t know how you’d react to knowing and I never want to know how you’d react. You’re like my sister, but you barely spoke to me for months.. I don’t know what to do with the guilt